31 March 2011



Tomorrow (1st April) is a big day for both Liberty and Nike as they release their collaboration Trainers. 

The amazing Nike 'Dunkers' 'Blazers' and 'Air Force' old school sneakers have had a beautiful makeover and I predict will be this Spring's must have accessory. 

There will be new ones being released throughout the month so keep your eye out for your faves.

28 March 2011



Think eBay meets a vintage shop, Think vintage clothing without having to rummage through smelly shops full of people who are 'too cool' to buy a new piece of clothing.

Over the last few months as the site has grown i have become a regular follower of ASOS Marketplace..a site where regular people like you and me can sell their unwanted pieces or handmade pieces at a reasonable price.

I have picked out a few of my favourite items on there at the moment...

Get purchasing...and the best bit? No Bidding wars!

27 March 2011




MK & Ashley looking incred at the Metropolitan Opera this week.
Love everything from the the fur to the flared sleeves!

*Nail Magic*

*Nail Magic*

Nail Effects by Barry M has been one of the best beauty buys of 2010 for me, and now Barry 'nail genius' M has done it again...

L-R: Pink Fizz, Blue Print, White Frost, Black Magic

The new colours look amaze and i cannot wait to try these out when they hit shops in April...at only £3.99 why not buy all 3!

23 March 2011



Spring is here and yep you're right, it's time to get those beautifully pedicured, scrubbed, moisturised (and potentially bronzed) feet out to play.

If you're torn on what to wear during this 'inbetween' weather then you can't go wrong with a beautiful pair of sandals thrown in.

Some may think it's a tad early for this however i thought i'd share with you a few of my favourites from SS11 so far:

Urban Outfitters

Stella McCartney


Best get the pedicures booked in....

21 March 2011



Two weeks ago saw the arrival of the East Laaandan Hair Salon 'Bleach' in Topshop Oxford Circus. And no they don't help you reach that Lagerfield look.

For a not so little £80 you too can have dip dye hair a la Mila or Alexa. Pink, Brown, Blue, Blonde, Black...any colour goes! 

I might have to go get myself booked in...

20 March 2011



This mohair jumper is this season's must have. Inspired by David Bowie's stardust the metallic thunderbolt and amazing slim fit are what do it for me.

12 March 2011


One of my biggest fetishes are sunglasses. From the early 90s I've had somewhat of an obsession over those dark lensed beauts. Over the years i must have collated a good 15 pairs of all different colours, shapes, plastic, metal, cheap, expensive.

From Toppers to Alexander Wang, here are a few pairs that feature on my wish list this summer:
Alexander Wang

Urban Outfitters
Unique @ Topshop
Poppy & Daisy Retro Liberty Exclusives
The Row

The Sun has come out to play and so has my credit card...uh oh.

4 March 2011

Favourite Beauty Buys

I'd always been a safe player when it came to make up..neutral tones, no foundation and a clear gloss but over the past couple of years things have changed. 

One thing i've come to realise is, Fashion changes but a good mascara can last a lifetime (with a few refills obvs).

I thought i'd share with you a few beauties I have discovered over the past couple of years.

Topshop Skin Tint in Medium
Erase Paste in No.2

SPF15 Chanel Foundation
Nars Bronzer in Laguna

Nars Blush in Desire

Maxfactor False Lash Effect in Black

Mac Lipstick in Cyber

1 March 2011

I Dream Of....

Topshop, Office, Nars, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney.

Planned my Summer wardrobe, now just have to wait for the freezing weather to F off.

So after a hectic week I am back to the world of blogging.

Not much has changed in a week, I am still dreaming of everything I can't afford only I am now back to the world of 9 to 5s.

Living For The Weekend xo